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1999 (THE INEVITABLE MIX) - Prince

La letra de la canci贸n PEACE - Prince - Letras de canciones .

Artist... somebody didn't hear me (What'd he say?)
Artist formerly known as Prince
U gotta get your peace in
Peace, whoa oh
Peace: that's what we're here 4
And not 2 war

When the war upon people of color through needles
Designed 2 disease instead of relieve
When it ceases, I'll be a man of peace (Say it)

When this mask of vendetta
Like tears on the face of Coretta
Roll down and go away
I'll be happier (Happier)
I'll be a man of peace
Everybody say...

(That's what we're here 4)

When the time that we spend watching TV depends
On whether or not it destroys or transcends
Then I won't need, (I won't, I won't) won't need a warranty

When the power of the hour is not yours but is ours
And the faces that we see reflect all that would be
Indeed, there'll be a jubilee

Whoa oh
Everybody say...

(That's what we're here 4)


(Tell me about the bass, Larry)
The rewards that we share will be based on what's fair
And not the curliness, huh, or the thick of our hair
Real competition, if U dare!

Music is our middle name
And we don't wanna play your game
So when the mergers U make
Are with us and U take a fair slice of the cake
That we bake then U break
That'll would be real cool
But y'all wanna act like fools (What's up with that?)
Can't we all just get along?
And have...


Peace {x2}


In case some of y'all didn't hear..head it right
I didn't call him, his name wasn't The Artist
Artist, Artist
I said, Artist - every syllable must be heard (That's good)
Artist - formerly known as Prince
U got 2 get your peace in
Y'all tryin' 2 start somethin' up in here
That's enough (Oh God!)


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